What We Look For

Our company is always looking for great opportunities. If you have a company with a unique idea, then we are interested in learning more. The sweet spot for our platform is companies or startups that need $50,000 to $1,000,000 in capital.

What We Look For:
  • A unique or new idea. If it’s not new, we want to see an innovative spin on old technology.
  • Market traction, which could be in Alpha or Beta customers, partnerships, revenue, or other metrics that define success. We are not just looking for good ideas—we want ideas plus execution.
  • A solid team with experience in their industry.

In other words, our company looks for three things: Good Ideas, Market Traction, and a Good Team.

Our Process

Zumtech Global Limited reviews startups with a high level of rigour. We screen all listing applicants using specific criteria—an evaluation of suitable risk, likelihood of profitability, willingness to give up an equity stake in exchange for capital, etc.—and select only the startups that meet our high level of standard.

When received and duly vetted, your business opportunity will be submitted for review and consideration to our Evaluation Committee. Its feedback will be a determining factor to decide whether your company or startup receives funding.

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