Get Funded

Before funding any startup, it is crucial to conduct the appropriate due diligence on the business, market, competitive landscape and founding members in order to mitigate risks. Only highly vetted startups are admitted to our Evaluation Committee.

The following documents should be submitted before your startup is presented to our Evaluation Committee:

  1. Registration documents of your company (Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum, Bylaws or Articles of Association, Certificate of Shares).
  2. ID documents for the company’s founders and high level officers.
  3. Shareholders Consent.
  4. Board Consent.
  5. Business plan.
  6. Powerpoint of your short (6 mins) and longer (60 minute) presentations (if you have a video pitch, include it as well).
  7. Product summary, features, roadmap.
  8. Team background – includes the team bios and social profiles.
  9. List of current/previous investors, mentors, advisors and contact.
  10. Customer/User testimonials, if any.
  11. Other supporting docs – this may include market reports, press mentions…anything that helps support your perspective on the market and/or size of the opportunity.

All the above listed documents will be duly vetted by our Due Diligence Managers and only afterwards your application will be forwarded to our Evaluation Committee. If approved, your company shall sign the required documentation such as Security Agreement, Promissory Note and Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement in order to get funded.

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